Offshore development is moving into deeper waters and more challenging environments with increased temperatures and pressures. More advanced technologies are needed to increase reliability, flexibility, speed and performance.

GE’s subsea production equipment has reliably served the market for over 40 years.We are at the forefront of subsea field development, with advanced system integration capabilities and over 1,000 systems installed worldwide.

How it works

Subsea production equipment is installed on the sea floor, which involves many challenges including pressure containment, deep water depths, remote operation, maintenance, flow assurance, and oil recovery infrastructure.

Today, most major field developments include multiple wells with production trees and sophisticated manifolds and pipeline systems.

Features & Benefits

  • GE’s subsea systems reduce lead time and costs by using “building block” designs that can be customized to meet all specific project requirements
  • Proven metal sealing technology and extensive experience ensure high reliability and performance in high-pressure, high-temperature applications
  • Manifolds and connection systems accommodate a wide range of configurations and service requirements, and maximize flexibility for field expansion
  • Global, single-source solutions for any size subsea development, whether tied back to an offshore facility or as a long step-out from shore
  • Comprehensive expertise from FEED studies to system design and long-term in-field service and support

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