Oil & Gas Engineering Turbomachinery General Manager Paolo Noccioni, visited the Engineering Design Center in Warsaw in August.  His agenda included a meeting with the employees from EDC GE Women’s Network which he attended together with Andrea Fibbi, Manager Auxiliaries & Systems Engineering.

After the guests shared overviews of their professional histories, GEWN members had a chance to ask questions. Topics addressed varied from engineering, career choices and issues concerning the Turbomachinery business to opinions on international cooperation and the role of women in engineering. Not surprisingly, the last topic brought up the liveliest discussion.

The comments following the meeting were very enthusiastic. GEWN members appreciated the open-mindedness of the guests and enjoyed the informal and friendly atmosphere. “Talking to someone with as much experience as Paolo Noccioni is always a great opportunity to learn something valuable.” says one of the attendees.

The meeting was one of many events organized by EDC’s GEWN. The organization’s calendar is packed with trainings and meetings during which the members can broaden their technological knowledge, master soft skills and meet interesting and inspiring people. Moreover, women at EDC cooperate and bond through My Connections – groups which help them with professional development and provide exposure to leaders.

“The goal of our organization is to provide opportunities for the women to develop expertise and network. Although there is always room for improvement, I strongly believe we are doing quite a good job at it right now.” says Kasia Osowska, one of the leaders of the GEWN Warsaw Hub.