This week EDC hosted the visit of Executive MBA students from the New York University Stern School of Business.

NYU Stern was established in 1900 as the NYU School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. In 1988 it was named after Leonard N. Stern, an alumnus and benefactor of the school. For decades NYU Stern has been consistently ranked among the top schools in the U.S. and worldwide by leading business and education publications.

NYU Stern Executive MBA students who came to EDC first took part in a business overview with the site leader, Magdalena Nizik. They had a chance to learn how EDC was established and what each and every business does and is involved in.

The introduction finished, the students toured two of EDC laboratories: the Drilling & Production Lab and the Materials Lab where they learnt what projects are dealt with at EDC and what possibilities each lab gives both to engineers and our clients. Afterwards, they went to see, touch and hear about the CFM56-7M engine that is displayed on EDC premises.

The final stage of the visit was a discussion panel with EDC managers, during which the students asked many questions concerning the everyday running, goals and the future of particular businesses.

Who knows – maybe one of the Executive MBA students will come back one day as a customer with millions to spend? You never know.