General Electric has been named the best employer in energetics among specialists and managers in the second edition of the survey conducted by Antal International, an executive recruitment agency. The ranking was created basing on the opinions of over 1900 Polish specialists and managers from various businesses.

The survey shows that mid- and high-level employees regard multinationals as the most desirable employers. When hunting for a new job specialists and managers first take into account the size and prestige of the company, as well as the management style and internal culture. Further factors researched by potential employees are salaries and benefits, possibility of promotion and development, as well as the range of trainings workers can participate in.

Artur Skiba, the Managing Director of Antal International, says that multinationals care about prestige. They invest in building a strong brand and ensure professional development for their employees. International corporations have realized that the market of employers is coming to an end due to current trends in demography. Soon only companies regarded by the market as the most prestigious will be able to compete for the best specialists and managers.

The detailed results of the survey can be found here (in Polish).