Have you ever wondered how to put together a good CV? EDC HR team has created a guideline to help you out on that.

In this article you will find a good examples and suggestions on how to prepare yourself for this task. If you would like to apply for a job at EDC, please use this link to upload the document directly to our HR system. Good Luck!

1. What do recruiters look for in CVs that are sent to the HR Department?

  • Education: List degree(s) earned or in progress, date, college/university, major, grades, relevant coursework
  • Experience: List work, internships and volunteer experiences (title/organization, duties/skills developed)
  • Extracurricular Activities: List campus and/or community clubs, memberships, and activities (title/organization, duties/skills developed)
  • Additional Training
  • Honors and Awards: Include scholarships, academic recognition, athletic awards


2. How should Candidates prepare for a job interview?

  • Be positive
  • Be confident, but not arrogant
  • Be consistent with answers
  • Research company and position
  • Know your resume
  • Stop and ask the interviewer to clarify a question
  • Tell the truth – don’t fake your way through the interview
  • Arrive early to all phases of the interview process
  • Dress appropriately


3. What are the common mistakes that Candidates should avoid preparing their resume?

  • Ensure that your resume is aligned with the job you are seeking
  • Quality of work experience, not quantity of jobs, is a key
  • Be prepared to explain any gaps in employment if you have had more than a few years work experience
  • Don’t load the resume with skills and/or experience that you do not have
  • Honors and extracurricular activities serve as a reflection of who you are and how you manage your time
  • Not important to list every award and every activity – look at relevance to job or graduate school objectives
  • Determine format
  • Use action verbs, check verb tense
  • Review grammar and spell check


4. What are the most valuable advices for candidates during the recruitment process?

  • Your Resume has only one purpose: to get you an interview
  • Each area is critical to success – be prepared
  • Remember that every contact is an interview – use proper phone etiquette, be courteous
  • Phone interview is an important screen for many recruiters
  • First impressions are lasting – start off on a positive note
  • You are being judged on several non-verbal factors
  • The job interview – this is where you win the job