It is always important to put our health first no mater if we’re on site or on home office. This week thanks to the great engagement of HealthAhead initiative everyone could take a good care of their health condition!

For those who showed up at campus, the team prepared numerous activities such as: first aid training, live Zumba class, challenges with prizes, meeting the legendary swimmer Paweł Korzeniowski, and dietetic consultations with specialists. Attendees could also try their best at preparing their own cocktail while riding a bike, play table tennis and table soccer.

Organizers made sure that after physical effort you would feel fine as well, and they brought fresh fruit and arranged food truck with delicious food.

Employees who decided to stay home, could not complain either as there has been conducted a series of interesting lectures on both physical and mental health.

Dear HealthAhead team – thank you for supporting us so much in helping us to put our health on the top of our priorities!

And for all the attendees, let’s make a deal that we will beat our own records next year! Or at least try to stay healthier than this year #challengeaccepted?