rzut bydunku

On, Wednesday, May 13th a new investment at EDC – Gas Turbine Center of Excellence – was started. It’s a project created together by Institute of Aviation, Warsaw University of Technology and Military University of Technology. The main aim of the new facility is to increase gas turbines research and development local expertise quality. The center is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007 – 2013.

“The laboratory will work on state-of-the-art engineering solutions and will give us access to technologies of the highest rank. Thanks to that in Poland and in our Institute we will be able to achieve things we have not even dreamt of yet” – pointed out Witold Wiśniowski. At the end of the ceremony guests were handed out statuettes commemorating the special moment.

Gas Turbine Center of Excellence is going to be the one of the biggest centers of this type in Europe. It will allow conducting special research within gas turbine area and enable equipment development for turbine repairs at the power plant locations. Through different long-term test usage influence on selected turbine parts new technical solutions of their replacement will be developed. The center is expected to be operational by the end of December this year.