On Wednesdays all EDC engineers start the day in a healthy way. The kitchens smell not only of coffee but also of fruit that EDC provides for all employees. This way the morning hustle and bustle cumulates around plates of bananas, apples, pears or peaches while salty and chocolate snacks are set aside.

The initiative was introduced a few months ago and is a part of the GE HealthAhead programme. Buying fruit for employees is not the only way EDC promotes a healthy lifestyle. The company also supports the running community and bikers. Moreover, throughout the year EDC employees can participate in various events and lectures to learn how to give up bad habits and keep their body and mind in perfect shape. Finally, the local canteen lists nutrition facts concerning the current menu.

A few weeks ago EDC has been certified as a HealthAhead site, which proves that all the previous efforts have paid off and makes us look forward to more initiatives in the future.

I am very lucky because today is the peach day and I just adore peaches. And what is your favourite fruit?