Gas Power has multiple entry level development programs. One of them is Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) dedicated for early career engineers.

Last week, at the EDC Gas Turbine Center, for the first time in Poland, we organized the Tear Down School (TDS) for this group of international Edisons.

TDS is a 5-days training on a turbine assembly and on several other hands on activities such as RCA, NDT, welding or Design Thinking. It is obligatory on Edison Engineering Development Program in Gas Power, being a part of the Advanced Courses in Engineering.

“This program has been offered by different Gas Power sites and GE training centers since years. I am so proud that for the first time in program history we also got a chance to organize it on our campus” – said Sylwia Hołdyńska, EEDP & ACE Leader at Gas Power.

During the classes International group of 14 Edisons worked on 7E Gas Turbine under field engineer’s supervision. The group gained understanding of hardware in the field and other activities critical in engineering roles. Additionally, they visited EDC labs discovering wide possibilities that we have on our campus.

The training was very well rated. In the eyes of one of the participants it was even one of the best Edison courses. Another “student” went even further in his opinion. “Best training that we’ve had during Edison Program. Great experts willing to share their knowledge and allow us to try to use our invention and imagination” – he commented.

As the training was a success, we plan to offer the Tear Down School regularly. Stay tuned!