The turn of the year is a period when our offices and desks get their annual makeover as we put new calendars on walls and in front of our eyes. This time the period has been special for EDC employees – the new desk calendars were put together using photos taken by employees.

It all started in November with a photo competition. Employees were to submit pictures that could be associated with EDC businesses. The final 12 was chosen by a cross-business jury and the winners were printed onto a calendar.

As a result, over the course of the year 2012 each month a work of one talented amateur photographer will be viewed and admired by over 1000 engineers.

JANUARY – Paulina Bilicka

FEBRUARY – Grzegorz Jasiński

MARCH – Karol Jóźwiak

APRIL – Jacek Osiński

MAY – Mariusz Światowski

JUNE – Jerzy Marcjan

JULY – Marcin Ziach

AUGUST – Adam Gruba

SEPTEMBER – Adam Markiewicz

OCTOBER – Michał Zadrożny

NOVEMBER – Tomasz Fafiński

DECEMBER – Przemysław Puchacz