EDC Runners – we are an informal group of people who enjoy running. Different experiences, different goals, the same hobby.

The group started officially in 2008 with Run Warsaw. Since then, we participated in various races, including Warsaw Half and Full Marathon and Ekiden Relay Run. Thus far, 2011 Ekiden was our greatest success. EDC Runners Team won 2nd place in the companies’ classification and 8th overall.

EDC Runners Team

Even though we are quite successful in races, the most fun we have is when we work out together in Szczesliwicki Park or Kabaty Forrest. This year we plan to initiate regular work out sessions with a coach, at least once a week.

Every member of the team gets a full running gear, designed especially for EDC Runners. There are no limitations and no obligations – every EDC employee is welcome to join the team. Whether you are an experienced runner or a beginning jogger who runs from time to time, we will be happy to see you in our team.