EDC is well known for many physical activities that are being supported by the company. One of them is EDC Runners club – engineers who are in keen on running attend most of the running events happening in Warsaw and also all over Poland. Last weekend more than 20 engineers from EDC took part in 34th Warsaw Marathon and all of the successfully managed to get to the Finish line.

Bartek, the best of EDC participants crossed the finish line as 56th out of almost 7000 runners, his official time 2:52:57.
As per teams EDC Runners reach place no 15 out of the 50 that were classified.
>We are proud of all our people who took that challenge. We hope next year we are going to have even more people crossing the finish line.
EDC team was not only running in the marathon but also GE Volounteers were cheering runners on the two spots with water and drinks as well all along the marathon line

You are our heros!