Last week the spring begun and so did new, 2012 running season. 37 EDC Runners finished the 7th Warsaw Halfmarathon. It is almost 60%  more than in 2011! Moreover, last year there were no ladies from EDC competing in Halfmarathon. This year there were 2! 1/3 of EDC Runners before start. Fot. Paula Nowicka-Matczak
So far, it was the largest long-distance event in Poland. 7174  runners run the 21.1 km through the most characteristic spots of Warsaw: Nowy Swiat, The Old Town, Cytadela, Agrykola and Lazienki Park. The finish was located right next to the National Stadium.

Good, sunny weather and fantastic energy of all the participants resulted in great memories.

We asked 3 EDC Runners to share their opinions about the race:

Pawel Kozicki:

It’s been the longest distance I’ve run so far. And though my result wasn’t terrific, I managed to fit in my assumptions. The race was really well organized and the course through Warsaw was beautiful. But most of all – I finished my first halfmarathon! And I’m going to double it in September by starting in the Warsaw Marathon :)

Janek Biskupski:

It was a great run for me. I rather prefer to run with no time goals, but this was different – I wanted to break 1h30. Mission accomplished – great feeling. Thanks  – to Karol and Pawel – for organizing the EDC participation and the training sessions with our coach – Mateusz. Next target: same digits: 3h10min in Warsaw Marathon J

Karol Zieminski:

“It was the best run ever! The first 10k I ran like a pro, each kilometer with the same pace. Then I got very exhausted. I fought till the very end with my tiredness and finally I finished with my new Personal Best!
Karol finishing the race. Fot. Mariusz Cieszewski

Congratulations to all of the EDC Runners,  who finished the race:
Mirek Babiuch, Janek Biskupski, Maciek Borkowski, Andrzej Bukalski, Mietek Domanski, Adam Gajdzinski, Mateusz Goralewski, Krzysiek Jedlinski, Grzesiek Kaczmarek, Kuba Kaczorowski, Adam Kolakowski, Liliana Kolwicz-Chodak, Pawel Kozicki, Tomek Krawczyk, Marek Krol, Pawel Krzemien-Ojak, Michal Kulik, Przemek Luczak, Jarek Lukasik, Michal Manandhar, Mateusz Maronski, Bartek Matczak, Rafal Milczarski, Damian Owczarek, Lukasz Pawlik, Marcin Polcwiartek, Michal Prokurat, Radek Serwinski, Michal Sirak, Kuba Stanosz, Przemek Szczygiel, Jacek Walczak, Asia Wesierska, Grzesiek Wisniewski, Michal Zielaskowski, Karol Zieminski, Marek Drzewiecki

EDC Runners – who we are:
Informal group of EDC employees, who enjoy running. Some of us run once or twice a week, some of us – almost every day.
We meet twice a week for common workouts: Thursdays, 5:45 pm at Szczesliwicki Park (outdoor session) and Fridays, 6:00 pm at OSiR Wlochy, Gladka Street (indoor session).
Few months ago we started closer cooperation with medical center Ortoreh.
Now, every EDC Runner, is entitled for 20% discount on Ortoreh services.
Everybody is always welcome to join the team!
So – see you at our next workout (Thursday, 03/29) or next planned race – May’s Ekiden Relay!
EDC Health Ahead
Physical Activity Team