Please be advised that three of our Managers participated in the first edition of an advisory and training program for innovative companies – the Academy of Innovation Manager (AMI). This project was dedicated for managers and companies that want to increase their innovativeness and competitiveness on the market, learn modern management and implement innovation.

AMI is a unique program in Poland. Its idea is based on the synergy effect between workshop, advisory, mentoring and expert support. Participants of AMI are going to prepare implementation projects. These projects will be responding to the needs in the field of innovation diagnosed in the enterprise, such as ex. talent management, stimulation of R&D cooperation or contacts with clients in creating and improving products. The goal of AMI is to increase the innovative potential of enterprises by increasing the competences of employees.

AMI is a project that offers not only training in the form of cyclical conventions with lectures and workshops, but also providing individual support from advisers throughout the whole cycle of participation in the program. The project assumptions are:

  • promoting an organizational culture which leads to innovation;
  • building a community of innovation managers;
  • preparing a group of innovative managers to create a work environment that stimulates innovation;
  • dissemination of good practices in the area of innovation.

The goal of AMI is also to provide managers and employees, who are key to the innovation management process in the company, with the competencies necessary to manage the change process. Said process is aimed for implementation of innovations and strengthening the skills of managing the innovation process by managers of Polish enterprises, as well as generating innovations by employees of these enterprises.

AMI is a comprehensive training and consulting program aimed for managers and owners of enterprises operating in the Republic of Poland. The need for such a program results directly from the Strategy for Responsible Development. The aim of the project is to provide business managers with the competences necessary to manage the change process that is enabling the implementation of innovations. This program was created to provide knowledge about the organization’s preparation for implementing changes and developing relevant skills stimulating innovative attitudes in companies, implementing innovations and management skills (from the stage of creating new ideas and their verification by selling the product to customers and improving them to get market inspiration and create new solutions / improvement of existing ones). The AMI thematic areas are based on the IHC diagnostic tool and cover six key areas:

  • Culture of innovation,
  • Understanding business,
  • Strategy,
  • Organizational structure,
  • Potential and resources,
  • Processes.

Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020