GE Oil & Gas offers diploma internships to fourth-year and fifth-year university students who want to work on real projects together with GE EDC O&G engineers. As a result, you will gain professional experience and the diploma thesis for your university.

Throughout the project your mentor will gladly answer questions and guide you through training and personal development. You’ll meet and talk with professionals and leaders in every department of the company.

Diploma internships typically last between three and nine months. During this period you will spend one month at our facility working full time on you project after which you will continue with the work at your university keeping close contact with your GE supervisor.

Below you can find examples of successfully finished diploma titles:

  • On-design Analysis of Performance of Nozzles in Expanders
  • Simulation of Centrifugal Compressor Impeller Wheel Erosion with use of Commercial 3D CFD Code
  • Aero-Thermal CFD Analysis of Organic Fluid Centripetal Expander
  • Developing of Series of Types Welded Pad Eyes and Engineering Toll for Optimal Selection of Pad Eyes in Terms of Specified Parameters
  • Aerodynamic Analysis of Rotor Cavities in a 12MW Class Double-shaft Gas Turbine
  • Nickel alloys material properties for Oil & Gas applications