EDC Bikers is an informal group of cyclists in Warsaw’s Engineering Design Center office. The interests range from leisure riding to serious competition, but all of us share an interest in cycling and we come to work on our bikes. For anyone who likes cycling, the idea of riding to work is obvious. People started coming to EDC by bicycles in 2001. At that time EDC had 20-30 employees and people would often bring their bikes to the office corridors or chain them to the trees.

Riding together was also obvious – we share similar interests and we often are in very similar situation: limited free time, families, etc. It is not unusual to call for a Saturday bike ride at 7AM so we can be back to our weekend family duties by 2PM. Each season we do tens of smaller rides near Warsaw and several longer full-day or multi-day excursions in the mountains.

These rides are a lot of fun. The always promised “easy pace”, which inevitably escalates to serious competition as the kilometers go by. The endless discussions on bikes, components, and why we could design them better. The managers palmtop-writing their IOIs in the middle of the mountains. The huge smiles on dirty faces after counting the total number of punctures on a fast gravel downhill – lots of great memories and surely a lot more to come!

EDC is arguably one of the most cyclist-friendly offices in Warsaw. It actively supports the cycling group:

  • Bicycle storage room for ca. 100 bikes, separate dressing room with shower
  • 136 people have access
  • Sponsoring of team cycling suits
  • graphics designed by us
  • first order in 2007: 24 sets
  • currently in process of ordering wave 2 and 3 for the total of 84 sets
  • Plan for new dressing rooms with more lockers and showers