Almost 10000 runners participated this year in Run Warsaw – a 10k run on a beautiful course through the main streets of Warsaw. Again, it proved to be the largest running event in Poland.

This was also the largest event for EDC employees – 46 made it to the finish line. Huge congratulations to all of them! Just to mention EDC Runners’ top results…

  • Bartek Matczak was 19th overall, with 35min 23sec
  • Janek Biskupski was 91st, with 39min 04sec (Personal Best)
  • Przemek Szczygiel was 156th, with 40min 43sec (Personal Best)
  • Radek Serwinski was 188th, with 41min 17sec (Personal Best)
  • Karol Zieminski was 247th, with 42min 09se

One cannot forget about the fascinating challenge of the  Airfoils Aero & Aeromechanics Team – early this year the whole team decided to participate in Run Warsaw. Inspired by more running-experienced colleagues, throughout the year, the team met regularly to run together and prepare for the race – every week, with no exceptions.

Different things happened on the way – business trips, personal matters – various issues did not allow few of them to show up on the start line, but 9 team members arrived to the start and completed the race. Let’s hope that next year will bring us more and more such fantastic initiatives.

The full list of EDC Runners competing in the race can be found here.

One more time – congratulations to (in alphabetic order):

Robert Adaszewski, Mirek Babiuch, Paulina Bilicka, Janek Biskupski, Jacek Brzozowski, Andrzej Bukalski, Giuseppe Carlucci, Tomek Chojnacki, Tomek Dobrzanski, Marek Drzewiecki, Konrad Dymel, Adam Gajdzinski, Roman Gorecki, Blazej Jancy, Steffen Jebauer, Grzesiek Kaczmarek, Kuba Kaczorowski, Bartek Karbowski, Mariusz Karpinski, Pawel Kozicki, Lukasz Krolikowski, Pawel Krzemien – Ojak, Michal Kulik, Malgosia Luszcz, Adam Malczynski, Michal Manandhar, Bartek Matczak, Rafal Milczarski, Karol Owczarek, Lech Parylak, Lukasz Pawlik, Pawel Popkowicz, Jordan Robinson, Norbert Rojek, Radek Serwinski, Michal Sirak, Kuba Stanosz, Pawel Szczepanowski, Weronika Szczerbicka-Siestrzykowska, Przemek Szczygiel, Giorgio Vinay, Romek Wasiolek, Tomek Wichrowski, Grzesiek Wisniewski, Robert Young, Karol Zieminski

PS. The photos above come from this website.