On May 9th we celebrated another edition of Engineering Recognition Day Gala, the event dedicated solely to appreciating our employees and their achievements!

ERD 2022 differed significantly from the last year event as pandemic restrictions had been abolished and the gala could be organized out of virtual reality. That wasn’t however the only difference, since the new Site Leader, Marcin Wasilewski, himself was engaged in presenting the awards alongside with Artur Rudnik, EDC WIA Director and EDC managers.

Award ceremony took place in the Nobu Hotel. After the gala our winners returned proudly to our campus to continue celebrations with their colleagues during the Food truck fiesta event. It was a day full of good fun – so much needed after the last two years of forced separation.

This year the motive of our gala was “Our Time is Now’’. We want our employees to feel that their work has a big impact on the organization and that it is only because of their diligence, persistence, skills and talent we are the pioneers in the Aviation business. It could also be read as the reminder that it would be the best for us to use our time to the fullest and reach up high to the sky!

Many thanks to all the people that made ERD 2022 special! Remember, your time is now so… see you on stage at the ERD 2023!