Internships & Apprenticeships


EDC offers an all-year program of paid internships for students. Our internships are an excellent opportunity to gain first work experience in an international environment and to work with accomplished engineers from many fields.


As of 2016 EDC offers apprenticeships addressed to students of the 5th year of university or young graduates that do not have previous work experience. The apprenticeship can last up to 6 months and is a paid program. It is a great opportunity to verify and use knowledge gained at university. Being an apprentice at EDC means working on interesting projects in an international environment, with modern tools and opportunity to learn from various technical experts.

EDC Ambassador Program

Another project addressed to students is the “EDC Ambassador Program”. This program facilitates constant flow of information between EDC and our ambassadors. They exchange information on what is going on in EDC and at university. As a result, the students know what their opportunities are and EDC is aware of the current situation at faculties that cooperate with us.