While the temperature outside drops far below 0˚C, most of the people think about some cozy shelter. Others just start their preparation for outdoor celebration. Between them – Adam Markiewicz and Aleksandra Grzybowska from the EDC Motorcycle Riders. Last weekend they took part in the Winter Sidecar Festival (Zimowe Święto Kosza), that was held at the private polygon located in forest near Niewierszyn (central Poland). This event brings together enthusiasts of any kind of off-road ready sidecar motorcycles and USSR made, boxer engine 2 wheels riders.

Our engineers took up the challenge of driving almost 160 km one way in very demanding winter conditions to get to the event. Adam rode on his K-750 (’61) in solo configuration with Ola Grzybowska as a passenger. On the spot, for all winter daredevils a real survival camp had been waiting. However, all inconveniences have been compensated by great time spent with friends who share the same passion.

The biggest attraction of the meeting was military 6×6 Ural 375D track. What’s more, both Ola and Adam had a chance to take driving lessons in heavy terrain at night – climbing almost vertically uphill and driving through deep water. Those are things that for sure are worth remembering!

And even if it was very hard to jump on the motorbike again after very cold night spent in a tent, they did it with smiles. As Adam says – “there is no better place for motor maniac than saddle of his motorcycle – adrenaline would warm you up!”