As a result of jointed effort of EDC engineers from Component Test Lab (CTL) and Mechanical Systems teams, on Monday, November 20th, our test rig was equipped with new multiplication gearbox. Our engineers were engaged in the design process supporting the supplier. They also witnessed the initial test at the supplier site to minimalize the operational risk and to ensure that the gearbox will meet the design intend.

Consequently, after over a year from requirements specification, a high-speed gearbox was commissioned at CTL.

The gearbox allows to carry 200 kW on its max design speed (52,000 rpm). Additionally, the slip ring can be attached to the high-speed shaft (non-drive end), giving a possibility to perform measurements on rotating components. This capability will be soon used to perform bearings and the whole engine sump tests. Moreover, increased laboratory capabilities will also enable us to test engine drive train systems components.