tentLast Friday night was a real treat for technology fans. On 14th October, during 7 Noc w Instytucie Lotnictwa, all GE industrial businesses were represented at the specially prepared Engineering Design Center tent.

Guests could visit us and see a hand-made model picturing the route electricity has to travel to be available at our homes, a 3D printing show of reciprocating engine elements, aircraft engine parts exhibition, and a simulator of Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) for subsea equipment. In addition, engineers who work with this equipment every day were available to present, explain, and answer questions. There was also a fascinating technical movies show.

locomotivesJust outside the tent you could admire locomotive models and a locomotive engine cylinder’s cross-section. Transportation experts were there to share knowledge and rehearse about their favorite technology area.

In the grand hall of the newest building X the EDC Spotters’ aviation-themed photos exhibition was prepared. Extraordinary photos picturing different aircrafts in various situations taken by our employees was a must-see.

vacuumAnd last but not least – EDC laboratories were open for visitors. You could see real aircraft engines, a huge vacuum chamber used for testing them, watch highly magnified machine parts, take part in the balloon-destruction experiment, and many more. What’s even more, by visiting all our open labs you could learn answers to the lab quiz available at the EDC tent and win prizes.

Thank you for visiting us and see you at the next Noc w Instytucie Lotnictwa!