3. miejsce - Sebastian Niedziela - EDC Photo Contest 2017We proudly present you the winning pictures of this year’s edition of the EDC Photo Contest. The photos will be used in the EDC Desk Calendar 2017.

It will be already the 5th edition of the EDC Desk Calendar. Calendars are prepared with the use of photos taken by our employees during business and private trips to different places all over the globe. Every year the topic is broadly defined engineering. From a great range of photos submitted by engineers, jury chooses the best twelve. After that desk calendars are distributed among all EDC employees.

Although the topic is the same every year, the variety of photos is astonishing. Over the last years pictures showed airplanes, airplane acrobatics, factories, details of various machinery, trains, lighting, power systems, oil rigs and many more.

As you can see, EDC employees are not only skilled specialists, but also keen photographers. Enjoy the photo gallery!