On Friday, October 13th, first Predix 2.0 Hackathon will take place in Poland. This event, organized by Engineering Design Center, will be a part of the 8th Night at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.

Teams comprised of software and hardware developers will spend 24 hours working on the best solution to a challenge related to the aviation industry and based on Predix software platform (read more about Predix). Drinking cups of coffee and eating tones of fast food, cross-functional teams will fight for sets of creative Lego Mindstorms.

The prizes will go to the team that in a best way will design and configure hardware and implement a software solution which will combine multiple different modules and frameworks, covering full data flow from sensors through local Predix platform to the cloud.

The cutting edge GE Predix 2.0 IIoT technology will be used during Hackathon. And thanks to our partnership with General Electric there will be access to REAL LIFE industrial data.

If you are a programmer – you must be there! Sign up today!
You want to see that spectacular event? Visit Hackathon during the 8th Night at the Institute of Aviation.

See you there!