From Monday, July 16th till Thursday, July 19th, at EDC we hosted the Eng@GE training. Over 50 young engineers from all over the world and from various GE businesses: Aviation Engines, Aviation Systems, BHGE, Power, and Renewables) had a chance to explore our multidisciplinary engineering center’s facilities. The attractions included EDC laboratories tour (Materials Lab, Component Test Lab and Avionics Lab) and speeches given by EDC Managers, such as a welcome word with EDC overview by Marian Lubieniecki (EDC Site Leader) or “Technical Career Path” presentation by Janek Biskupski (Principal Engineer, ATP Engine Systems, GE Aviation) and Marcin Wachulec (Executive Chief Consulting Engineer – Systems Engineering, GE Aviation).

Eng@GE training let 56 engineers develop appreciation for the role that Engineering plays through the entire product life cycle and was a great opportunity to design a project from concept to final validation. It was also an occasion for them to interact with EDC Leaders and discuss technology and career paths related topics.

The training focused in particular on:

  • exposing engineers on the start of their careers to the Technical Design Review Process, letting them present their designs to Technical Reviewers and act on feedback from them,
  • using GE tools and processes to assist in the fastworks design process in order to create an autonomous robot,
  • networking with colleagues from other businesses and local leaders to better understand GE and the local site in Warsaw.

Apart from the training itself participants had various opportunities to familiarize with Polish history and culture, e.g. visiting the Old Town, Łazienki Park and spending together some quality after-hours time.