It was definitely an exciting week at EDC! From Monday, May 24th until Friday, May 28th we hosted more than 15 meetings dedicated to LEAN.

No matter the business, LEAN is something that connects us in EDC. This week we were able not only to learn more about LEAN principles and discuss the subject with our colleagues with some real examples from our daily work, but also get an external perspective on the subject by joining the meetings with our special guests – Radek Drzewiecki (Lean Passion) and Andrzej Kinastowski (Office Samurai).

The whole event was fostered by all businesses leaders at EDC. “What I would like you to remember is that LEAN is primarily a cultural matter. If we improve processes and standardize work, we will do better for us and for our customers. Thanks to this, the company can grow and we can grow with it” – said Marian Lubieniecki, EDC Director.

“I am very proud that such an event was organized and that so many people took part in it. This shows that you are not only interested in LEAN but also that you want to develop your competences. And if so, I’m sure that our organization will develop with you” – added Artur Rudnik, EDC WIA Director (Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation).

Michał Małecki, Gas Power Leader at EDC underlined that our challenge now is to extend our engagement in LEAN beyond this week. “I personally was inspired by this meetings. As an example I’ve started changing my operational rhythm in my team after the lectures” – added Michał Małecki.

In his point of view this events thought us not only about LEAN, but also showed that different businesses can have various approach to this subject, depending on business needs. “For Renewable Energy LEAN and the approach we have seen this week is exactly what we want to see in our business” – added Marek Wołoszko, Renewable Energy Leader at EDC.

“Looking at how many of you joined the events during LEAN Week, and how engaged you were, I am confident that a lot of things will change very soon. Thank you for that huge boost of confidence” – said Marian Lubieniecki.

We are finishing LEAN Week really inspired and full of energy to act. Our journey continues.

Make it LEAN!