Aviation Talent Development Program EDC engineers within Aviation Talent Development Program (TDP) decided to prepare a promotional campaign for schools and universities.

The main goal of the project called “Engineer… Like it” is to start engineering curiosity among young people who are choosing their own educational and career path. Under this initiative together with Cogito, the magazine for teenagers, they have planned a series of articles that shows the beauty of science and technical work. On Thursday, March 27th the first article about engineer profession and the prospects of working in this area will be published. The engineering profile will be presented by Kuba – EDC engineer – who describes his passions and career development in Aviation business.

Apart from the press promotion the TDP participants are also planning to organize a school campaign in which students can learn about job possibilities after graduating technological studies. Marketing materials will be supported by EDC employees who will be visiting young people and encourage them to become an engineer. “We hope it will help change the perception of our work and more people will be interested in becoming an engineer.” – said Robert, TDP participant.