ilot run

On Sunday, October 9th the 3rd Institute of Aviation Run took place. Over 300 runners finished the main run, 71 of which were EDC employees. Out of 36 relay teams, 13 were put up for the competition by EDC.

Institute of Aviation Run is organized in cooperation with GE’s HealthAhead initiative which is very active in promoting healthy lifestyle among EDC employees. Thanks to this so many runners had a chance to represent EDC in the Sunday run.

fot. Leszek Loroch

Runners competed on the 3-loop 5 km route leading through the inner roads and paths of the Institute of Aviation, usually closed for the visitors and well protected from the outside view. This year for the first time apart from the main run, a relay run was available. Each of 3 team members ran one 1700-meter loop, together covering the whole 5 km route. There was also a shorter run for children.

Congratulations to all the runners!

Visit to see the full results.