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GE Catalyst™ – a new turboprop engine

The GE Catalyst is a new GE turboprop engine for the Business & General Aviation segment in  the 850-1,650 SHP range. The development program is scheduled for certification in 2019 and is led by an international team of over 400 engineers from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Poland. This engine features a new aero designed high pressure ratio compressor and a cooled high pressure turbine that enable the engine to achieve lower fuel burn and higher cruise power compared to competitors. Integrated FADEPC engine control system  offers cockpit simplification and unmatched pilot experience.

Over 200 EDC engineers design major GE Catalyst modules, including Compressor, High Pressure Turbine, Low Pressure Turbine, Bearings and Sumps. Advanced hot section cooling technology was developed by EDC to meet GE Catalyst high power and performance requirements. Our engineers also design a number of innovative additive components that help to reduce weight, cost and simplify the engine architecture. Our design responsibility includes all development phases from the conceptual phase thru engine certification, and key disciplines including systems integration, mechanical design, thermal, secondary flows, lubrication and pressurization systems.

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