So far this year over 70 students have completed their internship, 3 attended the “Grasz o Staż” program, and 8 persons are taking part in the apprenticeships at EDC. In 2016 we have changed the rules of internships, launching our brand new long-term apprenticeship program.

Apprentice with 3D printed part, close up

“Before, EDC offered only 1-month internships for students. The long-term apprenticeship program is aimed at fresh graduates who search for their first experience. Apprenticeships last from 3 to 6 months, during which an attendant has an opportunity to complete a project tailored for them. If an outcome of such project is positive and an apprentice is satisfied with cooperating with EDC, there is high possibility of further employment. We are very happy to have introduced such an opportunity for graduates, completing our offer for the less experienced.” – says Magdalena Mocarska-Olszyńska, EDC Recruitment Team Leader.

Internship and apprenticeship at EDC is a great way to compare the knowledge gained at the university to the real life engineer’s work. It helps realize what one would and would not like to do in the future, and therefore better plan a career path. If you hesitate whether to send us your CV and try yourself during internship or not, see what this year’s interns have to say about their experience at EDC:


“The time at EDC was well spent. I had some expectations regarding the internship and I must say these expectation have been fulfilled. Through the whole month I had stuff to do. Every day brought something new and every once in a while I realized things I didn’t know, and had an opportunity to gain new knowledge. What went beyond my expectations is that I really came to work with pleasure and the time went really fast. I am satisfied with my internship. It gave me the new perspective on my career development.” – Tomasz Banaszek, Aviation Systems

“It was a new experience for me. I’d never had an opportunity to work sitting in front of the desk, it was always rather a laboratory or workshop experience. Internship at EDC, by combining lab and desk work, let me make sure that the latter is just not for me. In the future I would consider applying for work in the EDC’s well-equipped Gas Turbine Center laboratory.” – Sebastian Moczadło, Oil & Gas Electrical Lab

“What I really liked at EDC were people. My teammates where very helpful with my tasks. They were really eager to share their knowledge and support my issues. I also realized that internships are crucial. The scope of knowledge here and at the university is virtually the same, but the approach to solving problems is totally different.” – Katarzyna Zielińska, Aviation Engines

Check our offer for students and fresh graduates at https://edc.plcareers/internships/.