On Friday, October 12th, EDC took part in the 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation. This year more than 43 000 visitors participated in that enormous nocturnal educational events in Poland, aimed at popularization of aviation and aerospace industry sector in Poland and at promoting engineering professions.

72 EDC engineers were waiting for the guests on the stand in the main hall of the X building and in 3 EDC laboratories. They were there to share their knowledge and passion to innovation and technology.

Our guests could have watched our multimedia exhibition and 3D printing show. They learned how to operate an ROV and checked how the Virtual Reality looks like. Many talented visitors joined EDC technical quiz and made themselves a unique engineering photo at the photo booth. Kids loved their pictures in the pilot hat and had a lot of fun folding paper planes in the Creative zone.

This special day we also held the unique programming tournament – EDC Hackathon 2018 – Flight Simulator. All digital fans had chance to watch the live transmission form it, watching 16 talented programmers, who were making the assembly a Cessna cockpit.

Please see our photo gallery from that event on our facebook profile.