Grasz o staż

EDC is joing “Grasz o staż” second year in a row. It is a nationwide internship program organized by PwC and “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Every year employers can meet with outstanding students and graduates. Through the contest, young people from across the country have an opportunity to win a paid internship in the best companies in Poland.

At EDC we encourage young people to work in engineering area and show them the beauty of science and technology. “This is the first company where I felt that I’m a real employee. It was my second day at EDC when I got a real engine related task, so I was learning and working at the same time. One day I would like to come back and start my career here, in this great place. ” – said Bianka – one of the “Grasz o Staż” interns.

This year GE will fund five internships in the following businesses: Aviation, Aviation Systems, Oil&Gas and Power&Water. We hope the interns will learn a lot and develop themselves in many areas in EDC during upcoming summer holidays.