Last Friday, October 13th, EDC took part in the 8th Night at the Institute of Aviation. This is the largest nocturnal educational event in Poland aimed at popularization of aviation and aerospace industry. In this year’s edition, more than 37 thousand people participated! For this crowds, 70 EDC employees from all businesses were waiting on 10 interesting stands and in 3 laboratories. They were there to share knowledge and explain all doubts about their favorite technology areas.

At the stalls, our guests watched multimedia exhibition and 3D printing show. They watched films showing how each engine part moves and they could have touched the fan or a cylinder that used to fly in the aeroplanes. Our visitors also learned how to operate a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) on the bottom of the ocean and they navigated robot vehicles.

Kids loved the post with games on the touch-tables and the place where they folded paper planes. For making a plane and visiting 3 EDC labs, children were getting an award. They were learning and playing at the same time! And their parents, waiting for the kids, were learning too – by listening to fascinating lectures about life on a drilling platform, or about automatic display tests.

In our laboratories EDC employees were telling curiosities about their everyday jobs. Visitors had a chance to touch a real engine, watch a huge vacuum chamber used for testing them and check the thickness of a hair under the industrial microscope.

Please see our photo gallery from that event.