At the 16th edition of the Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology held by the Institute of Aviation, EDC presented the top projects our engineers are currently working on. Among many others from aviation and energy area, one of the special and outstanding ones seems to be the Advanced Turboprop Compressor Development Project. It is carried out by EDC engineers with the support of EU Operational Program – Intelligent Development 2014-2020. The new compressor will later on be used in a new turboprop engine which is currently being co-designed in Poland. The engine will be used for a variety of single engine applications for business and general aviation.

During the conference, Paweł Buczek, GE Aviation Senior Engineering Manager at EDC, presented the recently created Aviation Turboprop Center of Excellence in Europe. It is a global team with one of its crucial parts at EDC in Warsaw that works on a design of the new generation turboprop engine, to put it on the market in no more than 4 years.

The innovative technology and engineering skills of Polish engineers are going to enable creating a very competitive compressor that will transform into engine performance. This design will enable the engine to have better fuel consumption than current designs available on the market. Moreover, the compressor will have much higher compression ratio than the competition.