ERD2017_EDCWednesday, March 22nd marked the global Engineering Recognition Day celebrations. The local event for the Engineering Design Center took place in the nearby Sangate Hotel’s conference room, where all Aviation Engineers gathered to summarize year 2016 during an award ceremony, and meet for early lunch afterwards.

The Buzz video warmed up the audience, followed by GE Aviation Accomplishments movie which highlighted the whole business’s achievements. Later on Marian Lubieniecki (EDC Site Leader) and Witold Wiśniowski (Institute of Aviation Director) gave congratulation speeches to the engineering team. Both gentlemen summarized the past year’s achievements, and presented priorities for 2017. They emphasized the importance of digital approach to engineering as a future direction for Engineering Design Center, supported by 125 years of GE’s and 90 years of the Institute of Aviation’s heritage of innovation.

After that the spotlight fell on the annual ERD Awards. The winners were carefully selected from many outstanding projects, initiatives and successful team members. This year at EDC, apart from the global engineering categories, also the supporting functions members were awarded in three categories matching GE Beliefs: Learn and Adapt to Win, Customers Determine Our Success and Stay Lean to Go Fast.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them every success in their daily work.

Besides the ERD ceremony, the whole week was packed with interesting technical events, some of which were open to all EDC employees. There was lunch with Marian Lubieniecki to discuss plans and perspectives for EDC and whole GE. There were meetings regarding two top engineering topics – additive manufacturing and digital technologies – and their presence at EDC. There was a lecture about Poland’s space activity, a presentation of daily GE fleet’s team struggle to allow everyone safe travel, an ATP project’s cross-business overview and a meeting with Avionics team who will be creating a software test platform with a support of EU funds. And finally, there were drones – a presentation of the project allowing interception of intruder drones in the air with net launcher and automatic target following based on machine vision, also conducted at EDC.