EDC_ChristmasEvens December has been a very busy month for all GE Volunteers. Many initiatives have been undertaken for EDC employees to take part and help people in need.

The Second EDC Christmas Fair, led by children from ZOW Marymont and JiM Foundation, was a great opportunity to buy original handmade gifts and decorations. During the event our guests collected 3800 zł.

In the meantime, a nationwide charity “Świąteczna Paczka” was launched. GE Volunteers decided to include EDC into this initiative and help one chosen family this Christmas. Nobody could have predicted the range of the success. Our employees gathered so much money and goods that we were able to support not one, but four families! The final donation cost is 7,521 zł! As a result we bought: 1.5 tons of coal, a gas oven, a vacuum cleaner, a mixer, jackets, clothes, a backpack, beddings and food.

Finally, a group of our employees visited Children’s House in Korotyńskiego Street. Together with Santa they gave presents and spent time playing games with all kids. As every year it was another chance to share Christmas spirit with them.

We would like to thank all employees who contributed to the great success of these events!