On Monday, September 18th EDC hosted a group of 30 students from Helsinki. They represented the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the Alto University that is the largest university of technology in Finland. The students came to visit us during their one-week tour across Poland’s industrial landscape. Last year they visited Sweden and two years ago – United Kingdom.

At EDC the Finns learned about the cooperation between GE and the Institute of Aviation, the immense growth of the center since 2000 and about the variety of GE businesses that are present at EDC today. They visited two of our laboratories (Jet Engines Study Lab and Materials Analysis Lab) and took part in a workshop, where they discussed the role of a modern engineer in the tech industry.

This aim of the visit was to share experience and make the foundations for future cooperation between Alto University students and EDC engineers. “Several graduates of this university are already working in EDC, but after the visit maybe we would have more Finns in Warsaw” – says Jakub Kaczorowski, Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Manager at Baker Hughes, a GE Company in EDC.