This time a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic was booming. In the whole 2020 it had unprecedented impact on our company at multiple levels. With air travel downturn, uncertainty came about security of our jobs and our future. Person to person contact restrictions forced us to transition to remote working. At the same time, protests in US, inspired by death of George Floyd, led to more focus on situation of minority groups.

Over the entire year EDC Inclusion & Diversity team have intensively focused efforts on creating more inclusive, respectful and safer work environment, that actually would help our employees to live thru those difficult times.

On what initiatives have we exactly worked in 2020?

  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Inclusive communication
  • Explaining our “other” dimensions of diversity – thoughts, generations, work styles, and cultures
  • Creating space for dialogue through “weekly open office hour”
  • Building inclusion and diversity awareness among employees and management team
  • Promoting inclusive behaviors in remote environment

With those activities 2020 made us stronger and better prepared to work together to create the world that works! Now we continue the activities each day making our workplace more inclusive and diverse.