This year, again, Santa’s Elves at EDC rolled up their sleeves to bring the spirit of Christmas to the children. On December 6th our volunteers wore red hats and visited Pomeranian Children’s Homes in Gniew, Chojnice and Angowice to bring joy, smiles and… personalized gifts to the kids in need.


In total, we delivered presents to 36 kids as an answer to their “letters to Santa”. They asked for things they have always dreamed about: clothes, games, dollies, construction sets, etc. Each gift was carefully selected, wrapped and signed by our EDC Elves and our delivery bus was full of presents, gifts and special daily-use staff. We gave children the presents, assisted them while they were when opening the boxes, spent time playing and talking. In reward we received a lot of positive emotions, happiness, joy and energy. Each of us – the Elves – got a gift: small, greatly colored gingerbreads – nicely looking and heartwarming souvenirs. The whole journey was an amazing, exciting and emotional experience.


„This was an unique and emotional occasion to make people, and especially kids, happy. We shared our time and thoughts to support the ones who had uneasy start in life. I’m proud that as EDC community we are ready to work together cross-functionally and cross-business to do something good.” – said Tomasz Tomaszewski – one of the volunteers.


Rafał Pieczka, the head of GE Volunteers initiative also underlined the emotional layer of the event. “The whole trip have brought me reflection that I am so lucky with the home where I grew up. I was very happy to see the smiling faces of kids. It was very high pay-back for the effort that we made with this action”, he said.



The trip took one full day being filed with driving and meeting the kids. Our volunteers took off early in the morning and finished late at night. They made over 1000 km on the road, coming back home both tired and happy. To make this happen they did months of backstage planning, used their free time and worked really hard. Packing the gifts and making the delivery were the joyful tip of the iceberg.

„This was amazing to meet you, we are so happy that you became our Elves. Thank you”, wrote the Director of the Children’s Home in Angowice just when we left.


“Thank you. The kids are happy, especially because of the additional presents, they did not expect to receive. You are amazing and I wish you the very best” said the head of the Children’s Home in Chojnice.


And those words really made our volunteers feel like heros, which for us – they really are!