EDC supported the development of mathematics in Poland

Volunteers from EDC spent on of the April weekends in Pałac Domaniewski in Kowary near Radom on the XIII Polish Sudoku Championships and XXII Polish Puzzle Championships. EDC actively promotes interest in science and this is the reason why we decided to participate in this event for the 6th time. We helped the organizers checking the works of participants and watching over the course of the competition. During these two days we verified nearly 5000 mathematical tasks of more than 80 participants.

We also rewarded 12 winners with the best results to encourage all to join brainteasers competitions and broaden their interest in mathematics.

Each year more and more, both men and women, of different age take part in those extraordinary championships. We are really glad because that means that the championships are getting more prestigious and that in Poland the number of math’s fans is growing!