Throughout June, for the first time in EDC history, we celebrated PRIDE month to express our support to LGBTQ+ members of our community. We respect the great impact that all of our employees constantly make by bringing their whole self to work. This is why one of our priorities is to encourage greater acceptance and support for everyone. We want to make a change to ensure we live and work in a safer and better place for all.


As part of the celebration we organized special discussions dedicated to LGBTQ-related topics. We shared thoughts on how to be a good ally and how to raise diversity at home. We came up with some best practices and ideas on what to improve in the future.


We will do our best to use all hints from the community. We already started to implement some of them. Following the example from global GE we created a virtual group for all members of the EDC LGBTQ+ community and allies to share ideas and simply stay in touch. “From our discussions it was clear that we need a place for the EDC LGBTQ+ community” – said Marcin Pawlak, one of the organizers of the Pride Month celebrations. “By creating the dedicated Yammer community we want to show our employees that we don’t only listen to them, but that we also hear their voice and follow their needs. We want every employee to feel safe and cared for” – he added.


To achieve this goal, we also prepared guidelines focused on the inclusive LGBTQ+ language, so that all our staff know how to communicate without making any of our colleagues uncomfortable.


After our experiences throughout June, we really feel that we can make EDC a safer, better place for all.